Summer is the Ideal Time for Roof Repair

At Cecil Restoration, we encounter numerous roofing issues during the storm season. Witnessing firsthand preventable damage, we strongly suggest that homeowners consider roof repairs and replacements during the summer months.

Here are the top 3 reasons why summer is the best time to repair or replace your roof:

1. Consistent Dry Weather

The weather is consistently dry, allowing for a trouble-free repair or installation. Many roofers won’t even start a job when rain is in the forecast due to the risk of moisture interfering with the effective application of roofing materials. Summer’s dry conditions ensure a smoother and more reliable roofing process.

2. Prevent Storm Season Damage

Avoid potential damage during the storm season by addressing roofing issues beforehand. Don’t wait until the storm season is upon us to fix roofing problems. Many potential issues can be nipped in the bud with timely repairs and roof maintenance, safeguarding your home from severe weather conditions.

3. Prime Availability

Once the weather begins to turn, roofing companies book up quickly, and there is no guarantee that someone will be available during this prime season for roof repair and roof replacement. Summer provides a window of opportunity to schedule necessary repairs and replacements without the rush.

Endorsing Valor Roofing

Cecil Restoration understands the importance of routine roofing care, maintenance, and timely roof replacement. Starting in the summer of 2024, we will be exclusively working with Valor Roofing, Inc.

Valor Roofing is a licensed California roofing contractor managed by Dave Butterfield, who has been in the roofing industry for over three decades. With his experience, credibility, and situational roofing knowledge, Dave promptly and properly identifies the next course of action and materials for roof repair or maintenance.

Our outstanding work relationship with Dave Butterfield has led us to this strong endorsement. When it comes to storm protection, guarding your home is truly a top-down matter: everything starts with the roof. This is why care, maintenance, and timely roof replacement are critical to all home and business property protection.

When it Comes to Roof Repair, Don’t Wait

Each winter at Cecil Construction, we see unavoidable storm damage, but we also see storm damage that might have been mitigated entirely or at least greatly reduced by having a roof that was properly maintained.

Roofing Repair vs. Roofing Replacement

While several roofing companies will only focus on full roofing replacement, Valor Roofing is dedicated to serving homeowners with roofing solutions that match their needs. Knowing that a roofing contractor offers repair means that the advice on possible repairs may be more objective, as they are in a position to perform either repair or replacement. This means a homeowner can get the same treatment for a repair as they would for a full roof replacement, potentially adding years of life to an existing roof.

How to Know When Your Roof Needs Attention

  • Leaks or Spots on Ceiling: If you notice any leaks or spots on your ceiling, investigate the source, find the problem, and repair it before costly dry rot and other secondary problems arise.
  • Loose or Damaged Shingles: If any part of your roof has loose shingles, dented shingles, askew shingles, or is showing a lack of granular surface, it’s time to have a professional evaluate its condition and offer suggestions on the life expectancy of your roof and potential roof replacement.
  • Clogged or Malfunctioning Gutters: If your gutters are clogged or not functioning properly, this can lead to a potential roofing problem.

Don’t Hesitate to Get a Professional Opinion

Part of Cecil Restoration’s commitment to Valor Roofing is their policy of providing free estimates and honest repair suggestions—they are not in business to oversell. Better understanding the condition of your roof is a critical aspect of home protection, and summer is the right time to do this.

Summer Discount and Referral Program

Contact Valor Roofing today at (530) 274-1200 and tell them Cecil Restoration sent you and get a 10%* discount on any roof repair or replacement during July 2024. Learn more at Valor Roofing Inc..

*Cannot be combined with any other offer.