Fire Restoration

Fire damage to a residential garage

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is one of the most difficult types of damage a home or business owner can face. Fire damage is unexpected and life-threatening. Fire damage takes away the sense of having a secure and friendly place to live and work. As heartbreaking and challenging as fire damage is, having someone who knows the process and can guide you step by step is key to beginning the full recovery. Expert fire damage restoration is critical. Call Cecil Restoration first—we know the things to look for, how to work with insurance firms, and can provide a turnkey solution for your fire restoration process.

Fire damage can come from external sources, such as a wildfire or a burn pile getting out of control, or a neighborhood blaze. Fire damage may come from hard-to-identify internal issues, such as electrical or gas ignition problems. Whatever the cause, having knowledgeable help on the scene to protect and secure your home or office and property is critical. Not only does a fire-damaged property need to be protected, but key indicators that insurers will need to validate a fire damage claim are critical.

Fire Damage and Insurance Companies

Cecil Construction understands the complex aspects of fire damage emergencies and how to work with insurance carriers to get the best restoration and streamline your insurance process. We are the one-stop place for complete fire damage repair, causative source identification, and restoration. Cecil Restoration is a licensed contractor and member of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). Cecil Restoration is able to perform or contract all work needed, this includes full fire damage assessment—with many unseen factors, such as wiring, and behind-the-walls hidden damage. Cecil Construction will help streamline the recovery process by managing smoke damage, fire damage, professional clean-up, and the systematic process of rebuilding.

Because Cecil Construction uses the same software as major insurance carriers, we often are a preferred contractor. Because we have been through the process many times, we can save property owners a great deal of time by identifying the full nature of the claim early, and putting it in the language insurers will accept.

Prompt Claim Processing, Maximum Benefits, Early Start

Cecil Construction takes pride in overall guiding and protecting property owners to the best outcome of an extremely trying circumstance. Most people don’t experience fire damage or it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We see it many times each year and this gives us the expertise and know-how to take the best steps with insurance firms. We understand strict coverage standards, can quickly provide estimates, and get early approval to proceed with essential work processes to stop any further potential damage due to exposure. We are already a Direct Repair company for CSAA and others too.

The early steps taken when dealing with a water damage emergency can make the process better or worse. It is key to stem the problem, take steps to preserve areas adjacent to damage, and also to be certain that mold does not begin.

Fire damage to interior of residential garageFire and smoke damage to a residential kitchenRestored kitchen after a fire

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Recovering from Fire Damage

Fire damage restoration is the process of fully evaluating and then returning the property’s condition to its original state before water intrusion. The basic four ‘R’s apply here: Replace, Renew, Revive, and Return.

In many cases, fire investigation is the preliminary scene examination/size-up. Cecil Restoration supports and cooperates with insurance investigators.

Steps in Fire Damage Restoration

  1. Formulate a Restoration Plan.

    Working as a liaison with homeowners and insurance firms, we can establish a process, budget, and schedule that is acceptable to all parties.

  2. Secure the Facility.

    Cecil Restoration’s experienced team will quickly identify exposure issues and board-up your property to professionally contain and minimize further risks from fire damage.

  3. Water Extraction.

    A common secondary effect of fire damage is the water that was used to extinguish the fire. Cecil Restoration has advanced water extraction equipment that is readily available to do tough, demanding commercial-scale water extraction.

  4. Demolition and Debris Removal.

    Our team has ‘been there and done that’—we understand the proper sequence and process of fire clean-up.

  5. Soot Removal and Smoke Damage Mitigation.

    Soot and smoke damage are serious threats to respiratory health. Understanding the thorough process to completely eliminate particulate matter is vital to the full restoration and safe rehabilitation of a fire-damaged environment. Cecil Restoration understands this process and goes above and beyond the standards often set by health codes or insurers.

  6. Repairs and Restoration.

    Cecil Restoration maintains its own restoration and repair equipment. Our technicians understand how to properly restore fire-damaged items, including protecting and restoring salvaged items, such as family heirloom furnishings.

  7. Renovation.

    We work with property owners every day of the year to renovate, remodel and restore homes and businesses. Cecil Construction is licensed as a California State General Contractor. This means we have the ability to perform virtually all work.

Fire damage restoration to a residential garage

Cecil Restoration Fire Damage

Cecil Construction offers complete fire restoration services to residential and commercial property owners in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Alta Sierra, Colfax and surrounding areas.

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Experience working with complex projects that require coordination with multiple different parties
  • Experience managing staged restoration projects that may require parallel demolition and installation
  • Experience working with water, fire, mold damage repairs and restoration
  • Experience working with insurance companies on damage claims

Our team has helped dozens of homeowners face the terror and trauma of a fire. Let us help you through the process of the return of a safe and fully restored home or business.

Cecil Construction and Restoration

  • Licensed General Contractors
  • 30+ Years Of Experience
  • Often Able To Get Repairs Covered
  • We Offer Direct Insurance Billing
  • Using Xactimate insurance, (major carriers use this software for pricing and billing)
  • Member of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)

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